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Frequently Asked Questions...
What is Clean Advertising..?
Clean advertising is the process of using a specially constructed stencil and positioning it over a dirty pavement. Once ready a high pressure jet washer cleans the cut out area of the stencil to reveal a message, slogan or logo on the surface of the paving slab.

Who can use Clean Advertising..?
This form of advertising has been adopted by local authorities in the past to deliver public service messages. Whether it be home watch, litter prevention or a drink safe campaign around the town. The method can help promote local events, special offers, retail promotions or even just to increase an organisation's market presence. You can be sure that potential customers en route towards stores and premises will notice and remember your company.

What's the difference between this advertising method and others..?
Our unique method provides a wider coverage of an actual ad at a fraction of the cost in comparison with other advertising channels. Purchasing ad space in a magazine or local newspaper can prove to be extremely costly, and your still not guaranteed an audience until the potential customer picks up the reading material and turns to the exact page of your advertisement. With Clean Street Advertising your constantly on show, at the feet of pedestrians.

Is it good value for money..?
In effect, outdoor advertising - one of the most effective forms of advertising these days - is really only available to large companies. Small to medium sized companies that make up 80-85% of our economic activity are not in the financial position to use this form of advertising. Clean street advertising is extremely effective and allows smaller companies to effectively place ads to a local demographic for an affordable price.

Is this method legal..?
Yes clean advertising is legal, no one has ever been prosecuted for cleaning a dirty pavement as it is a difficult law to pass due to the temporary and non-destructive nature of the practice. Here at Clean Street Advertising we believe in providing improvements to the regularly filthy streets by positvely cleaning in this unique way. Whereas using paint to spray through a stencil would prove illegal, cleaning with water is not.

How long will my advertisement last..?
Once the campaign has finished and all stencil designs have been cleaned to requested pavement areas, the advertisement will usually last between 1-3 months. This will depend on weather conditions, the type of surface and borough street cleaners. Above all these footfall traffic is the biggest factor, as organisations will need to analyse what is best for them. More frequant traffic with a fast wearing ad, or less frequant passers but a longer lasting ad.

Can you help with the design of our advertisement..?
Yes we can and it will be included within the overall fee. All we ask is that you provide us with a logo or example artwork which we can adapt upon. This will need to be provided in PDF or Vector file format, preferably (.AI). Once recieved we would have to alter the advertisement slightly to include bridges between letters so the advertisement can be adapted for the stencil. The reason for this is due to certain letters containing island's, like O's, P's, Q's and A's. Once altered we will send the design back to you in black and white for verification. When ready we can have it made in to that all important stencil.

What happens with the Stencil once the campaign has finished..?
Upon completion of a campaign we will send you your stencil. Alternatively we can hold on to a stencil for future campaigns as many organisations have done.